Cookie policy

Last updated on September 27th 2023.

InfinityFX ("We", "Us" and "Our") is an e-commerce platform (the "Service") operated on all websites owned by InfinityFX Ltd. ("InfinityFX"). These aforementioned websites include, but are not limited to,,,,,,,, and This cookie policy applies to all users (collectively or individually, "You", "User" and "Customer") of the service and are effective immediately as of use.


  1. 01 Introduction
  2. 02 Purposes
  3. 03 Usage
  4. 04 Contact

1. Introduction

To make the user experience as pleasant as possible the InfinityFX website uses cookies. Cookies are small files containing bits of information, these are downloaded to the device you are using to visit our website. Cookies can be used for storing various types of information and are kept on your device for varying amounts of time.

2. Purposes

2.1 Session cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary to keep the service functioning properly and are stored for limited amounts of time. These cookies may store any non-sensitive personal data that you have disclosed, such as your account identifier.

2.2 Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary to keep certain parts of the service functioning properly and greatly improve the user experience. These cookies may store any non-personal, -directly or -indirectly identifying information, such as search filter information.

2.3 Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to store statistics about our users. This information can then be used to enhance your user experience or deliver advertising content deemed relevant to you.

2.4 Third-party cookies

These cookies are used to store information collected by any third-parties.

3. Usage

3.1 InfinityFX

We only use Session and Functional cookies and ensure no information is gathered unwillingly. We also ensures no personal information gathered by us is used for purposes other than keeping the service functioning and no information is shared with third-parties, without clear consent.

3.2 Third-parties

We make us of a third party, Stripe, to facilitate payments through our service. They may store various Session and Functional cookies on our behalf, in order to provide a safe and secure payment service.

4. Contact

If you have any questions regarding this cookie policy or anything related to your use of the service, feel free to contact us at